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Create and add new mouse gestures


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If you easily got used to hotkeys to cut, copy, paste, open new tabs,... now we offer you a new way of taking the most out of your time: Mouse gestures.

Mouse gestures are movements of the mouse that, when peformed, can work as hotkeys and shortcuts. This application is a good way to create them and make them suit your needs.

You can decide the gesture and the action that will be performed when done. Draw the Z of 'El Zorro' to run Photoshop, draw a line from up to down to access our website,... you have the power.

Mouse gestures work keeping the right button clicked while we move the mouse. It's very easy to get used to mouse gestures, and once you'll get used to them, you'll realize everything is better and faster.

Finally, High Sign works on any application and will be perfectly integrated in Windows.
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